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4 Ways To Help The Web Design Process

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On October 17, 2019

The web design process typically requires time and effort from both the designer and the client. From conception to completion, the process can take much more time to complete than clients anticipate or design teams estimate. Fortunately, there are some things the client can do to help speed up the web design progress.

If your company is ready for a new site redesign, as a client you can help streamline the process. Check out these easy ways to get it started.

1. Create a Project Structure and Follow It!

When we building a site for a new customer, our first step is to work with the client to create a project structure that fits the timeline and guarantees a quality site. During this phase, you’ll want to discuss every piece of your project, including:

  • A workable launch date
  • Your design and technical needs
  • Develope a site map
  • Follow the lines of communication
  • what you expect in the development and launch aspects

When everyone enters the web design project with a clear structure in mind, both sides of the coin will be able to understand what needs must be met in order to have a timely launch.

NMD Media Web Design Sterling IL2. Let the Planning Phase Flourish

One of the longest parts or web designing is the planning phase. This is where your design will begin researching your brand, industry, and competitors. Content ideas will begin flowing and the basic structure of your site will begin to take form.

Now is the time to learn about your site’s resource and hosting options, as well as what it takes to make the site mobile friendly and have the completed product look the way you always envisioned it.

This is also the phase where digging into the site’s purpose comes into play. This part of the planning is key because it helps you further realize what exactly your site needs to be and how it can be created for the best user experience possible.  When planning the site with your design team, you’ll want to ask yourself.

Questions to ask yourself.

  • Why am I designing this web site?
  • Who is this web site for?
  • What would my consumers like to see on a website in my industry?
  • Are my potential customers online shoppers?

3. Communication is Key to Completion

Communication from both parties throughout the web development is essential to the site’s success and ensuring that the project stays on its planned path to launch. As a client, you can help make your design job easier by always making yourself available for quick questions, scheduled meetings, or to resolve any unexpected issues that could arise during the development phase.

Without open communication, your site may not turn out the way you’ve envisioned it, and the development could take longer if your designer has to dig too deep for general information on your industry or business.

4. Follow the Advice of Your Design Team

Your web designers are in place to guide your site’s development towards success. Remember, they are always on your side and are prepared to implement the right tools and skills into the site’s development phase.

Strongly consider their suggestions! They typically allow you to inspect their work and see their plan in action once designs are approved and site pages begin to be developed.

Listening to and considering your design team’s recommendations will increase the odds that the end product will be a quality site that delivers a fantastic user experience. Find a well-rounded design team that also understands search engines and can help your site receive more quality leads and visitors from search results.

Enjoy a Smooth Design Experience Through NMD Media

Developing a new website or site redesign is always an exciting step in a business’ path to success. At NMD Media, we want to be the design team that helps you work towards your future goals with a website that exceeds current user expectations.

We are a Sterling based web design team that specializes in all areas of the design process and ensures that your website meets the required standards to start ranking well with search engines at launch. If you know that it’s time for an update to your website, reach out to us and let us know more about your business. We’d love to show you how our services can make your dreams a reality.

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