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On February 5, 2020

Writing your own content, although no one is going to know the nature of your business better than you are, we still don’t recommend that clients write their own content.  Normally they aren’t expert writers. Not only are there major pit falls when clients without professional writing experience try to produce web content, more often than not the content is missing key marketing points, keywords, and still requires editing and rewriting.

Content & SEO

To fully understand what goes into SEO (search engine optimization) one must understand the concept at its most basic form. SEO as a generic principle is the term used to explain how websites display on results such as, and when a term is searched. When a website is optimized the right way it has a better chance of ranking higher within the search results based on the search engines models.

The right way to optimize a site’s pages is to craft well written copy with the appropriate keyword density. Unfortunately creating this content takes time and requires specific pieces in order to qualify it as optimized content. This is where hiring a professional web design company becomes crucial.

Writing the “WRITE” way

Before writing begins the topic, industry or business is thoroughly researched. Once the topics of each page have been created, discussed and agreed upon, we move into the keyword research phase where they select keywords and phrases with high search volume and medium competition in order to maximize results. Those keywords and phrases are used to create unique, engaging, and informative page information about your business, services, and products. We have the ability to write from a simple topic with only a bit of background information as a reference.

If your business is looking to create a strong online presence be sure to hire professional web content writer. Contact our team of professional web content writers and SEO Strategists for a free consultation.

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